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UN Report Reveals Gross Human Rights...

Recent UN report reveals a long list of enormous human rights violations in Eritrea. Based on a report conducted by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea (established in 2014 by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate alleged... Read More

Southeast Asia Migrant Crisis: Rohingya...

The Rohingya people, “the world’s most prosecuted and least wanted [people]” as they have been described by the United Nations (UN) and the international community, are fleeing Myanmar to Southeast Asian countries and specifically... Read More


  CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH “Citizens Voices” | Newsletter No2 |   CALL FOR ARTICLES   Who we are   Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) is an international human rights’ NGO, working to promote... Read More

Nepal Earthquakes: A Desperate Cry for...

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal a few weeks ago left behind thousands of deaths and millions of people in great need of humanitarian aid.  On 25 April the earthquake struck affecting “an estimated 8 million people across... Read More

Mediterranean Crisis: Death Toll Rising!

As we highlighted in our short report “What did 2014 leave behind?”, the Mediterranean Sea marks the world’s deadliest crossing for hundreds of asylum seekers and immigrants! During 2014, thousands of immigrants and asylum... Read More

CRW's Nesletter No. 1 - (Jan-April 2015)

CRW's NEWSLETTER No. 1 - (Jan.-April 2015). Including information about CRW work, mission and philosophy! Reports and articles by our activists and researchers. Activities of CRW, links for other articles at www.citizensrw.org and links for NGOs we... Read More

What did 2014 leave behind?

We review and inform you about some of the worst human rights violations of 2014 that need our attention in 2015! 1. Nigeria: Boko Haram Crisis Boko Haram, the terrorist group which attracted global attention in 2014 after the kidnapping of 276... Read More

Syria on the Edge!

Four years later and Syria still faces one of the biggest human rights and humanitarian crisis in recent history.  The Syrian internal conflict that broke out in 2011 has had devastating consequences on people’s lives leaving behind... Read More