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Announcing Citizens Rights Watch "The...

LONDON, August 11, 2014 /CRW/ --   Citizens' Rights Watch, or "The Citizens", was recently incorporated in London under UK law with incorporation number 9162648 of 2014, with headquarters in London. The new organization is an independent,... Read More

The Roma of Romania

Cochabamba, Bolivia, - 2014 - When segregation is as widespread as it is nowadays in the Romanian country, there is not much to be expected when there is talk about Roma inclusion into Romanian society. Socially most of the Roma are frowned upon by... Read More

Ukraine, showing that falling is...

July 31, 2014 – Cochabamba, Bolivia. CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH- Usually post-communist countries of Europe have a difficult time when trying to reach economical standards of the European Union, which they are constantly compared by. Ukraine was... Read More

Citizens Rights Watch tracks promises...

London, - Citizens Rights Watch, non-governmental organization dedicated to promote and protect citizens rights worldwide, reports on promises from election campaigns and accomplishments of several world leaders after being elected. This report... Read More

Citizens Rights in Cambodia

 London, - Citizens Rights Watch, non-governmental organization dedicated to promote and protect citizens' rights worldwide, has completed country report on Kingdom of Cambodia. This country, one of the leaders in the world’s garment... Read More

CRW urges foreign countries to respect...

UK, AUGUST 03, 2014: In response to Bahrain’s Justice Ministry asking a court to temporarily suspend the activities of three leading opposition parties -- al-Wefaq, the Justice and Development Movement, and the National Democratic Action... Read More