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The United States - Cuba Thaw: Keeping...

Image Credits: Atlanta Black Star Dec.23, 2014. Cochabamba - Bolivia. Last week the announcement by both, Cuba’s president Raul Castro, and the President of the U.S. Barack Obama, came as a surprise to most of the world. They announced that... Read More

Defending Ahwazi Arabs' Rights

Iran’s ethnic and religious groups compose half of the country’s population.  Ahwazi Arabs, an Arab community who mainly live in the oil-producing Khuzestan/Al-Ahwaz Province, Southern Iran, have attracted attention due to the... Read More


        CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH   PRESS RELEASE October 2014     We open this press release with some good news coming from Europe. In October the European Union achieved an initial deal to... Read More

Internet Privacy and mass surveillance...

By. Miguel Rodriguez – Image Credit: Patrick Chappatte Cochabamba – Bolivia, October 2013. The internet has become a rising flag of free speech globally, and is a great opportunity for a lot of internets surfers and users to make their... Read More

Inhuman conditions of interns in...

By Miguel Rodriguez G. - Image Credits: teleprogreso.tv Cochabamba - Bolivia, October 2014. Sadly for most of us, this doesn’t really strike as news or novelty, as this situation is repeated throughout the Latin American nations, or at least,... Read More

South Sudan Crisis

With a long history of conflicts and ethnic violence, South Sudan which became independent in July 2011, after decades of civil wars still faces the disastrous consequences of its latest internal conflict. The ongoing clashes between the... Read More


CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH PRESS RELEASE September 2014 By September’s press release, we need to draw your attention to the human rights violations that: 1. The Women in El Salvador are enduring due to the anti-abortion laws; these laws are... Read More

Whipping democracy in Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia. October 30, 2014. In Bolivia presidential and congress election date is nigh. Elections are set to happen on October 12th this year.  Previous polls indicate a winning Evo Morales, repeating presidential candidate and... Read More