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Iran: Rouhani's Broken Human Rights...

Among other pre-election promises regarding the Iran’s economic restoration and international relations, Rouhani gave a great emphasis on improving the country’s human rights record.  He promised to issue a Civil Rights Charter to... Read More

UN Report Reveals Widespread Torture in...

A recent United Nations (UN) report on torture revealed great dimensions of widespread torture and corruption in Mexico.  The report of the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez who collected the necessary data during his visit to... Read More

International Women's Day: Make It...

In consideration of the International Women's Day which is globally celebrated on 8th of March, CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH (CRW) traces back to the past achievements on the empowerment of women’s rights and asks you to join us in the effort to... Read More

The Assassination of Boris Nemtsov

Image Credit: Getty Images/ Aksakov, Aleksander We have seen the news of lasts weeks murder of a political oppose of Putin’s Government, who was particularly proactive and open protester of the war in Ukraine. But who exactly was Boris... Read More

El Salvador: Let Women Decide About...

United Kingdom, February 2015: Since 1998, abortion has been prohibited in El Salvador, resulting in the death and imprisonment of many women. Under no circumstance, even rape, incest and when a woman carries a severely deformed fetus or her life is... Read More

Children's Rights are Human Rights

Children from all around the world face fundamental infringements of their rights on a daily basis. In many cases, a society’s strong cultural and religious doctrines, weak economy and ex-treme political views contribute to the aggravation of... Read More

The United States - Cuba Thaw: Keeping...

Image Credits: Atlanta Black Star Dec.23, 2014. Cochabamba - Bolivia. Last week the announcement by both, Cuba’s president Raul Castro, and the President of the U.S. Barack Obama, came as a surprise to most of the world. They announced that... Read More

Defending Ahwazi Arabs' Rights

Iran’s ethnic and religious groups compose half of the country’s population.  Ahwazi Arabs, an Arab community who mainly live in the oil-producing Khuzestan/Al-Ahwaz Province, Southern Iran, have attracted attention due to the... Read More