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Displaced Voices, Forgotten Narratives?...

Archives are traditionally the backbone of a nation’s history but how has the legacy of migration been documented within these collections? How can archives respond positively and effectively to preserve the voices and testimonies of... Read More

European Refugee & Immigrant Crisis:...

Immigrant, Refugee or Asylum Seeker? For the purpose of this article, first we should try to explain the terms immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker that have lately become an issue of confusion and debate in the media with many arguing about their... Read More


CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH “Citizens Voices” | Newsletter No5|  CALL FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLES   Who we are Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) is an international human rights’ NGO, working to promote spontaneous... Read More

Youth and Violence in Sierra Leone: The...

Sierra Leone has gone through turbulent moments in her history, with the brutal civil war (1991 – 2002) which marked the climax of nurtured grievances and political instability, resulting to the death of thousands of people whiles millions... Read More

BRIEF human rights OVERVIEW (January...

1. 2016 Terrorist Attacks After the latest violent attack of the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) in Paris that left more than one hundred people dead, on 22 March 2016 Europe accepted another hit by ISIL in Belgium. During the attacks at... Read More

CALL FOR ARTICLES (Newsletter No.4)

CITIZENS RIGHTS WATCH “Citizens Voices” | Newsletter No4 |  CALL FOR ARTICLES   Who we are Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) is an international human rights’ NGO, working to promote spontaneous collective... Read More

Japan & South Korea reach agreement...

Victims of forced sexual abuse and sex slavery known as “comfort women”, these girls and women suffered an irreversible trauma as sex slaves before and during the World War II by the Japanese Imperial Army. Coming mainly from Korea and... Read More

European Migrant & Refugee Crisis: How...

With the latest discovery of 71 suffocated bodies in an abandoned truck in Austria and the death of 150 people that drowned off Libya in their effort to cross the Mediterranean and reach Europe, the European immigrant and refugee crisis has... Read More